Our Impact: TechnoServe’s 2012 Annual Report

July 10, 2013

In this year’s Annual Report, we highlight our new system for measuring our impact on farms, businesses and industries.

“What gets measured gets done.” It’s a truism in business. At TechnoServe, we want to achieve real, sustainable impact in the lives of families across the developing world. Measuring that impact properly is the first step.

In this year’s Annual Report, we’re proud to share our new system for measuring the direct results and impact of our work. Measurement has always been a key focus for TechnoServe. It speaks to our core values of integrity and results. As we have grown rapidly in recent years, we have seen the need for a more consistent, systematic way to measure our impact across programs. We want to hold ourselves accountable for achieving our mission and creating impact.

Read more about the new measurement system in our Annual Report – and learn how TechnoServe’s work benefited 2.9 million people in 2012.

Update: Our 2012 Annual Report is now available in Spanish and French.